These Vans were meant for walkin’

Although, technically, these 1966 Canvas Authentics in Pool Green/True White were designed for skating. Since I can’t do that though, they’ll have to be content with walkin’.

The vintage look of the shoe inspired an entire summer ensemble, which I wanted to share after it received rave reviews at the local pizzeria (highlight of the day).

Remember my high-waisted jean shorts DIY post? These shorts were constructed from those same five simple steps, except with some added fraying and fringe. The light wash is great alongside any color top, but white lace is my favorite pairing.

The primary colors belt was last worn around the waist of my sister during the golden years of kindergarten (she is now 21 years old and starting her junior year at RISD). Nothing like an authentic vintage accessory to tie an outfit together!

The white lace shirt is from Forever 21. It’s a find of which I am particularly proud, as one of my friends arrived at school days after my purchase dressed in a similar blouse from Anthropologie, an equally wonderful store but just slightly out of this struggling college student’s price range. I can always count on Forever 21 for a great deal.

It’s a slightly retro look customized for comfort in the summer heat of Florida. What’s your go-to outfit for the summer days?


5 responses to “These Vans were meant for walkin’

  1. I was planning on asking you where you got those shorts when I saw your tumblr post. I had NO IDEA you created them. You’re amazing and I miss you!

  2. Can you please tell me where you got those Vans?

    I found them in the Vans online shop but they won’t ship them to Holland. I’ll do anything for those shoes, hahaha.

    • I got them through the online store, too. I’m sorry they can’t ship them to Holland. But thanks for checking out She Blogs Couture!

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