Nail It: Extending style to your fingertips

Have you ever considered the secret to the most basic summer fashion asset (aside from your sun-kissed skin) to be contained in your fingertips?

In truth, a freshly polished nail always makes its wearer appear more, well, polished. However, until I was given a substantially large amount of free time during my summer vacation, I hadn’t explored the vast universe that is nail art.

There’s just something about ten shining digits, glittering with a twist of the hand, eliciting oohs and ahhs from those nearest them.

And so, with your consent, I lie at your feet my five very best nail designs of the summer, ranked on a range of difficulty from one to five. Enjoy!

1. Under the Sea
This nautically-inspired design is fairly easy to do yourself and perfect for a summer by the sea.

  • Apply two coats of turquoise polish to a dry, clean nail and let dry.
  • Then, apply one coat of glitter.
  • Let the glitter coat dry. After, go back with the glitter and dot flecks of glitter where gaps of turquoise remain.

2. Candy-coated tips
Although this design requires a delicate and steady hand, the steps are as easy as making your own pair of shorts. Hehe.

  • Apply a light pink tone to your nail. Here, I did one coat. But, two wouldn’t hurt!
  • Pick some brightly toned colors, and paint over the natural white tips of your nails. Curve the colored tips slightly at the nails’ edges. You should be able to see the white through the opaque pink tone.
  • When the colored tips have dried, dab silver glitter just above them. Let dry.

3. Freestyle
More patience is required for freestylin’ than with the previous design, but because each nail can be different, it’s a bit easier than the next example of nail art.

  • Choose four bright colors. Go crazy with your nails. Keep one color as a base, and don’t repeat it in the designs.
  • To maintain a slight level of uniformity, I drew a line at the base of each nail.
  • Keep geometric shapes and amateur doodling in mind.

4. Chevron
This one is my favorite! It requires two contrasting colors and a whole ton of time, but it looks awesome when finished.

  • Choose one color as the base coat, and apply twice onto each nail.
  • Start the jagged stripes by painting triangles on the tips on the nails.
  • Follow the contours of the triangles, and be sure that both zig-zagged stripes remain even in spacing.

5. Crafty Cosmos
The combination of black, glitter and moon-like shapes in this design seemed pretty out of this world to me. Try it out for yourself, and see if you feel the same. This design requires black polish and four additional colors, as well as a glitter coat.

  • Apply a coat of black nail polish paint to each nail.
  • Draw a semi-circle across one side of every nail, stretching from the middle of the nail’s base to just below the nail’s tip.
  • Outline the semi-circle in another color. Here, it is blue.
  • Using a third color, draw a line curving in the opposite direction from the blue one you see above. This time, I chose red.
  • Fill the space between the two lines with colored polka-dots. Mine are yellow.
  • Finally, fill in the remaining space on the other side of the red-colored line with glitter.

Begin designing your nails at your own discretion: The hobby of nail art is highly addictive! The amount of time sacrificed when holding one’s hand steadily, flicking the slick nail polish brush delicately across the nail – all with bated breath – is vastly disproportionate to the lifespan of the design itself. However, I find a well-manicured nail to be a delightful accessory that easily accentuates to any ensemble.


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