A (Second) Day in St. Tropez

As you may have noticed from last week’s post on St. Tropez (and its wonderfully chic inhabitants), I took a trip to France this summer! I stayed for three weeks with a most gracious French family: learning the language, the culture, and the life- and taking as many pictures of the experience as I could!

I kept a journal to document every adventure I had, and a few of those entries were written with SBC in mind! When the words and the pictures come together, it truly paints the scene. Take a look at what Day 4 in St. Tropez held for me: shopping, cuisine, exploring and more cuisine!

July 18, 2012

When I woke up this morning in the hotel, I had a warm pain au chocolat waiting for me- courtesy of Clémence.

I’m sure going to miss these back in the states! Golden, flaky and warm- they’re my ideal breakfast pastry. Although a daily diet of chocolate can’t exactly be stellar for one’s health. But hey, this gal’s on vacation!

While Clémence ran errands in the village for a half hour, I dressed and headed downstairs to our hotel’s cafe. I sat down at a small table outside- enjoying my little-slice-of-heaven breakfast. I felt oh-so-French, watching the city of St. Tropez wake up from inside the cafe’s patio.

After I’d finished my meal, Clémence returned. We traversed the twisting side streets, winding their way around cafes, hotels, shops and art galleries (I don’t know how Clémence is able to navigate them!) until we found her mother and sister. Then, we did a little shopping.

Clémence’s family seems to shop differently than we do back home. For my family, at least, shopping is an event. We’ll plan entire days around exercising our favorite sport! Meals revolve around the shopping, and finding a fabulous sale or secret mark-down is the ultimate reward for a day of deal-seeking.

Not exactly the case here.

The deciding factor for me when entering a  new store is its window display. Here, the store is entered only if one sees an item inside that one seriously wants to take home. Pretty selective. But you have to miss out on so much that way!

Still, I managed to purchase a pair of high-wasted shorts from a boutique called Ricci Junior (yes, it’s for kids! shh!) in a dark, silky floral fabric. Perfect for hot summer days. It was such a joy to buy them and speak with the sales woman, although I felt much more confident with Valerie by my side.

Lots of housewares and soap stores later, we found ourselves down by the harbor, where we shot some pictures for the tourist (me)!

When we were done with our photoshoot at the harbor, we were off to the St. Tropez Nikki Beach for some lunch and sun time!

The sand here is like tiny rocks! The grains are larger than ours at AMI, so that when you get some of them in your shoes or clothes- you just brush them off! Amazing; not like here- where you drop something in the sand and those sugary scratchy crystals are there for decades.

It was gorgeous, but super hot. The sun was glaring off the sand, and between runs from the icy water back to the towel I worked up quite an appetite. So, I indulged in a little strawberry ice cream with Alice.


We returned back to the hotel for some dinner at a pizza parlor called Bruno’s. It definitely hit the spot! We were starving and didn’t sit down until 10:00pm. People eat dinner pretty late in France, I’ve learned.

When we had finished some great pizza pies, we returned back to the hotel, looking forward to another wonderful day in St. Tropez.


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