Kudos Kors! The Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection

I don’t know what kind of safari Michael Kors is preparing us for with cobalt blue camouflage fur, scuba gear shades, and neon colorblock coats, but I certainly want to be on it.


And according to hundreds of tweets sent out Wednesday morning during the live-streaming Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear runway show, I’m not alone in that sentiment.

Fans of the line lauded the futuristic collection ripe with peplum dresses and oversized peacoats, actively sending feedback via tweets not only from the catwalk, but offices, classrooms and the comfort of their beds.


Quilted metallic jackets, double-breasted leather menswear coats and up-to-there pencil skirt slits left no room for the meek. And according to the fervent social media stir surrounding the show, it looks like the power players of today’s fashion aficionados are getting excited to don a new uniform.



The modern woman’s need for redefined sportswear was answered in a palette of deep cerulean blues, neon oranges, rich olive greens and classic houndstooth patterns. Cropped pants, mid-length sleeves with long gloves and mary jane heels rocking rubber treads and colored elastic straps provide the ideal ensemble for brisk afternoon walks in the city.


A certain blue, black, and white camo fur coat evoked quite a stir, and it will certainly fly off the shelves come fall.


The show ended on a high note, or should I say high-low note, with asymmetrical-hem peplum dresses in orange, blue, and black with stone crystals.


Kors tweeted after the show, “The show was mix of uptown polish with an urban athleticism. The best of both worlds.”

All images from Style.com


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