Study abroad in style: Essential Outfit #1

With less than two months until we’re all skipping down the front steps of our school administration buildings (shredded textbooks in hand) a girl can’t help but imagine what those blissful three-and-a-half months will bring.

For me, four weeks abroad in Paris with a host family are a definite yes. Strolls down the Champs Elysees, chocolate crepes in cobblestone cafes and espressos drank beneath the shimmering lights of le Tour Eiffel? Enchante! Don’t mind if I do.

Of course a whole lot of learning about the French language and culture will be going down, too. With two trips to the City of Lights already under my skinny patent-leather J. Crew belt, one could say that Paris and I practically have a standing reservation. And it’s one that I am very eager to make it back to.

With plenty of students signed up for their own study abroad trips to Florence and Barcelona, I thought a handy little packing list was in order. I’ve found the following garments to be staples of any cosmopolitan-cultured fashionista’s wardrobe. You may be living out of a suitcase, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack it well!

Outfit 1: The Sightseer

A. A sundress is surely the most comfortable way to tour the sites of your monumental destination. This polka dot number from ModCloth keeps you classy enough for the most formal of museums, but down-to-earth,too, for a day wandering the local markets and neighborhoods. Bike tours? Boat rides? Portrait characters by the Seine? The world is your polka-dotted oyster today!

B. The contents of your bags are just as important in a foreign city as what you’re wearing, so don’t forget the essentials! A guide to your city, some local currency, a camera for capturing memories and of course a travel journal for remembering the little things many years to come.

C. Just because your bag needs to be pickpocket-proof doesn’t mean it has to hang off your neck. Any messenger-style bag will do, just as long as you know where it is at all times. This Kate Spade number is big enough to store all your necessities and has a small clasp easily covered by your hand in the crowded streets. And it’s so cute!

D. Walking sandals are a must. These simple white flats from Target will match most of your outfits effortlessly, but you’ll look like you spent hours putting your ensemble together.

E. Finally, a sunhat. Granted, this item may not be totally necessary, but you’ll be amazed how much sun you can get under that European sky, and a little anonymity always adds allure to any ensemble.

For Outfit 2: The formal-wear (that needs to last for several evenings out), you’ll have to stay tuned for the next post! Au Revoir, readers.


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