Nail it: Spring’s nail trends in four simple steps

It’s no secret that I enjoy painting my nails. If you’re a girl who takes pride in her appearance, you’re probably painting that polish on at least once every two weeks.


We get it. Naked nails are boring, and there’s enough monotony in this universe without digging our nails into the mix, too.

But being the busy girls we are, I’ve noticed we don’t typically stray from the “one and done” routine. What is this routine, you ask? We paint one single color, and then we call it quits. True, we may switch up the hue-of-the-day from stormy gray to light lavender, then back to pastel pink (this season’s trend of choice, by the way), safely keeping ourselves within the realm of “trendy” without investing much of a time commitment.

Today is your lucky day, though, because we’re about to break routine.

So spring 2013’s nail trends, according to Harper’s Bazaar, are full of pastels, metallics, and two-toned manicures (for you nail art n00bs, that’s when you color the half moon at the base of your nail, or you color the white tip differently from the base).

So I took my favorite nail trends from the season – pastel and metallic – and served up a combo. And the best part? It only took 10 minutes and four steps.

1. I started with a simple shade of “Pink Lemonade” from Urban Outfitters.



After filing the tips of my nails until they were softly rounded, I applied two coats of the “Pink Lemonade.”



2. Very carefully, I took a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails “Celeb City” and painted a strip of its silvery color at the base of each nail.


3. Once the moons on each finger were even, I extended them to sharpened tips with the edge of the silver polish’s brush. Then, I repeated on each nail.


4. With a clear top coat applied at a diagonal angle, paint over the light pink polish only. It will help the light pastel color shine against the silver.


And voila! A brand spankin’ new, easy-to-do nail makeover that can be recreated in four simple steps within 10 minutes, with any color. So shake up your nail routine and add a little sparkle!


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