Suit up in style: Summer’s Top 4 Swimsuits

This article was published for The Independent Florida Alligator Gainesvillista Blog.

When that stifling summertime heat sets in, there is no better escape than a dip in the closest body of water you can find – be that the community pool at your apartment complex or the always popular Ginnie Springs.

But regardless of where your preferred watering hole may be, you’re sure to be the best dressed one there! Why? Because you’re reading this article, of course.

And the first biggest trend in swimwear is, believe it or not, the tankini. I know, I know, you think those stopped being cool just before you entered middle school. But this is just no longer the case! Swimsuit meccas like Target and Swim Mart are adding a vintage flair to their tankinis, keeping the conservative look more stylish and hip than it’s been in years. Search out tankinis with punchy patterns like polka dots or stripes, but stray away from anything rainbow or heart-covered. The playful prints will make the mature style youthful, without crossing back into those awkward pre-middle school years.


The next suit style making the rounds is the bow bikini. Whether said bow is fastened across a bandeau top or perched upon the back of the bikini bottom (or both!), adding this girly touch manages to dress up even the plainest of nautical garments. It’s definitely a look with a touch of sass, so be prepared to bring the attitude while you’re rocking this conspicuous frock. Look for the bow bikini at your favorite swimsuit store, or search to find a pretty large variety of the trend.


Fringe benefits, anyone? The stringy top is back as your third summer suit trend, and it is one fabulous bit of bohemian beachwear. Pick up a fringed top for your next mix-and-match bikini, and you’ll be as close to glamorous rockstar as it’s possible to be (while still keeping it waterproof). Be sure that the fringe doesn’t extend too far past the bikini top though, or you may be in for some funky tan lines.


And the fourth and final must-have summer swimsuit trend? The cutouts! Whether in monokini form or bikini, punched out shapes are all the rage in swimwear this season. The unexpected touch keeps an otherwise ubiquitous suit style from becoming been-there-done-that, and its edge will leave you a cut above the rest! Check out Forever 21 for the best versions of the trend.


So swim ahead of that school of fashion followers, and suit yourself up in style this season!

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