Touchdown in London Town

In the name of all things adventure, I hopped over the pond this weekend and landed in the home of red telephone booths, afternoon tea, double-decker buses and the most fantastic of all British inventions, Harrods.


Though I was just in town for the night, I managed to sample the famous fish ‘n chips platter at a lovely old pub, scoot up to Baker Street for a quick chat with Sherlock, explore Hogwarts at Leavesden Studios, take in the nightlife of Trafalgar Square, observe the Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham and sit for tea at Harrods Terrace.


And what a spectacular place this Harrods was – like a fashionista dream come true – spun from the sparkling golden thread of fairytales, haute couture and an entire room dedicated to chocolate.

Now that is what I call a triple threat.


It was essentially a small city tucked away within the glamorous facade of a department store. I expected the wafts of delicious perfumes to hit me upon entering the green awning glass doors, but I had no idea there would be a delectable marketplace, too! They had pastries, a bakery, a chocolate store, an Arab food store, fish counter, rotisserie, a tea room, a candy room, fruit, seafood and basically any cut or style of food you’ve ever had or even hoped to taste during the extent of your lifetime.


We headed to the fourth floor restaurant The Harrods Terrace, one of six (count ’em, six) sit-down restaurants within the store. And my goodness, was this place fabulous.

When the golden elevator doors parted before the all-white, gilded mirrored salon overlooking the streets of London, I knew I had embarked upon another time period. Sharply dressed waiters carried elegant silver platters at shoulder’s height, as they glided between the delicate white tables – with all the effortless ease of traversing a moving walkway! Patrons in groups of twos and threes quietly sipped tea and nibbled on cookies as a light mist began to form beyond the window panes. It was wonderful.


The maitre’d led my companions and me to a white plush couch and table. I ordered the vanilla tea for myself, which arrived in a golden tea pot, naturally. And it accompanied the “Afternoon Tea” plate.


The contents:
Plate One:
Roast beef, smoked salmon, egg salad, and cucumber finger sandwiches
Plate Two:
Heavy corn muffin roll and cranberry roll (both in the Boston Market style, but so thick that it was like eating cake)
Plate Three:
A lemon dessert with flambéed marshmallows, chocolate cake with white chocolate decoration and gold foil, fruitcake, and a giant pink macaroon!

Needless to say, we were stuffed! But what an experience! I’m never going to forget that.

Afterwards, we wandered around the designer floor (I salivated, and dragged my friends behind) and book level before heading downstairs to make an investment in cupcakes on the ground floor.

Then, it was time to leave London Town! But needless to say, I will be visiting again soon! It was so cool to experience another culture abroad, especially one in which they speak English. But when the train pulled back into Gare du Nord in Paris, I was certainly glad to be back.


6 responses to “Touchdown in London Town

  1. Well written and very enticing! I’ll be visiting London Town at the end of August and Harrods will definitely be on my radar. That afternoon tea looks too good to resist!

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