Nail It: Floral fingers in four simple steps

When life gets too stressful, go paint your nails.

Though I may be the last person to discuss anti-anxiety tips with you (I find myself flying from 8 a.m. until midnight or later, nonstop), I have found that letting the creativity flow from your fingertips, erm, to your fingertips, is one of the fastest ways to de-stress.

I’ve come back to this tried-and-true relaxation method of mine so many times, that I daresay I’ve gotten pretty handy with the nail art.


So much so, that I was recently selected by TeenVogue as the second runner-up in their Revlon ManiMasterpiece Contest! You may remember the winning look (#4) from one of my earlier mani postings. So after some very long weeks of anticipation, a cardboard box stacked with Revlon’s full nail polish collection arrived!

And here’s what I made out of it:


Check out how simple the steps are!

1. Apply two coats of white from the Revlon Nail Art Neon collection.


Then, go back and paint every other nail with the green side of Revlon’s “Amped Up.” (#190)


2. Next, paint three vertical stripes in “Pastel Punk” (#390) from the Revlon Nail Art Expressionist collection on the white nails.


3. To begin the floral pattern, dab a handful of dark green polka dots in “Meteor” (#260) from the Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy collection upon the other green nails. Make sure they’re in groups of twos. Then, add some highlighting to what will be your leaves in “Monet, Monet” (#320, Side 2) from the Expressionist collection.


4. Then, apply small dollups of pink between the two green polka dots. I used “Pinkasso” (#340, Side 2) from the Expressionist collection and “Pastel Punk” again.


So give it a try, and then get back to work let me know how it goes. So much more work to do, so many more manis to come!

Shout out to Brianne for her expert hand modeling.


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