Pajama Party: The trend that doesn’t sleep

The day I stumbled upon one of fashion week’s biggest street styles in (gasp!) Gainesville of all places was a day like any other.

I was sprawled across my friend’s couch, pouring over some last-minute French verb tenses for a test the next day. She emerged from her room dressed head-to-toe in a full set of matching pajamas.


Though I take special care in dressing for a day of school, work or adventure, bedtime finds me reaching for sweatpants and an old high school T-shirt. Alluring.

“Matching pajamas?” I asked. “Do you really wear those every night?” I wasn’t teasing – I was genuinely curious.

Without skipping a beat, she retorted matter-of-factly, “You have to dress up! You never know who you’ll meet in your dreams.”

I was floored. It was a Hallmark card-worthy line, if Hallmark made cards for pajama lovers. And so inspired was I by her elevated sense of self assurance (which I assume must resonate from the pajamas), I began my fashion research.

It turns out that while we were sleeping, pajamas made their sneaky transition from sleepwear to day wear. As blouses, pants or pajama-inspired garments, the silky patterned frocks are surprisingly elegant when worn with a smile and a ton of confidence.


But in real life, pairing just one piece of your patterned set with a regular top or bottom may be easier than working the full-on jammie set. Check out how Louise Row wears the pajama pants with her own coordinated look for


So would you rock the pajama trend, or would you put the jammies to rest?


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