Decoding the favorite outfit: Stripe Edition

If I were to ask you what your favorite outfit is, what parts of your wardrobe swim hazily into view?

We often have favorite outfit elements, like a trusty pair of ballet flats that complement any ensemble or a slimming blazer that dresses up even the rattiest of tees. You know – those items you reach for again (and again). And more often then not, these individual pieces make up several greater “perfect outfit” puzzles.

For me, some of those favorite elements are these fantastic cobalt blue heels (which you may have read about here and here), my tortoiseshell watch and this jazzy little Lilly Pulitzer fitted shift dress from the Fall 2013 collection.


This chevron pattern dress recently climbed its way up to the tippy top of my can’t-live-without-it clothing list. Why? Well, to answer that, I had to figure out why we habitually reach for that one dress or blouse over all the others in our drawers.

Is it the fit? The style? The color? Or if you’re the sentimental type, perhaps it’s the memories you’ve made in that perfectly snuggly oversize sweatshirt (still smoky from winter bonfires past) or four-inch stilettos (leaving a trail of glitter wherever you trek) that always promise a fun night out.

A combination of all the above are favorite factors for me. With my petite frame, I’ve found preppy, tailored pieces often win out over the oversized bohemian look in my closet. This dress ties everything in at the waist, while still leaving me enough room to run in heels. As Edith Head expertly assessed the ideal fit, “A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.”


But a classic fit isn’t too much to ask these days of a dress. So why else is it at the forefront of my closet? Check out that back cutout! The pink zipper! And the stripes!


The pattern is actually called “Hearts a Flutter,” as in a flutter on the heart monitors, which I found to be incredibly clever. Seeing as nothing sends my heart racing quite like a new Lilly, the pattern hit all too close to home.


Add in my staple watch, turquoise bead bracelet and light blue Lilly Pulitzer clutch, and I’ve got myself another go-to outfit for any occasion that needs a healthy dose of color. And a favorite outfit, at that – which any fashionista knows plays a hand in how the day’s events unfold.


And I couldn’t resist throwing my new leather jacket into the last frame, seeing as this particular piece of outwear is quickly beating its way to top spot in my closet, too. I love it because it has clearly got its own agenda, toughening up any look it’s paired with. Even hanging at my side, you can clearly feel its threatening glare. So not to worry, there’s certainly more shoots to come featuring this guy.


What factors determine if an outfit will be your next favorite?


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