The Hit List: December Issue

As the big holiday gets closer and closer [andcloser], the wish lists are poked, prodded, edited down, added on, sent out and passed along until their distribution has crossed over the entire the merry land of gifting!

And in true giving fashion, I’m giving you a sneak peek into what’s topping my Christmas List this year. And the list runs the gamut from brocade pants and handbags to heavenly heels and all things sparkly.

Be advised: A Wish List is more the suggestion of several possibilities than a list of must-have-its. But I think I speak for all of us when I say these options are all pretty fan-freakin’-tastic.

From head to toe, I’ll ease those style woes. Starting with the pumps!


There’s just something about these J. Crew twinkle toes that put a smile on my face, especially around the holidays. Whether they’re ruby red pumps or chevron-striped stilettos, you can’t deny that a great pair of heels always has you walking a little taller.


Nothing fixes a sweet tooth quite like collecting an assortment of candy-colored handbags. A lover of both sugar and purses, I can attest that there’s nothing sweeter than a brand new bag under the tree!

Shades like candy-apple red, metallic golds and bronzes, jewel tones and pastels are my personal faves. Which colors are you craving this season?


If you thought the candy-colored handbags were irresistible, take a good look at these fancy pants! Seriously. Ornately ornamental pants are undoubtedly one of the best ways to ring in the new year. The intricate patterns are always festive – turning regular pants up a notch – scoring their wearer both comfort and cuteness.


I’ve had my eye on this trend since mid-Fall, and my light interest has finally crescendoed into obsession. Can you say the same? Put yourself out of your misery, folks, and secure a pair of your very own for the holidays.

You’ll be joining the ranks of the style elite, such as T-Swift, Alexa Chung and Chloe Grace Moretz!


Stacked rings, scalloped bangles, bejeweled geometric necklaces and earrings dripping with colored stones: Bling it on! In case you couldn’t tell, I can’t get enough of the sparkle this holiday season, and nothing shines brighter than an unwrapped box of jewelry.

But no need to shed out the big bucks for the looks, when plenty of affordable styles can be found at these stores! Especially Target. Eight-dollar earrings?! What a steal!


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