NYC Holiday Windows: Part Two

Now before you tear through the following images in all their frosted over splendor, be aware that I could only capture half of the illustrious Bergdorf Goodman’s windows. Half! The outrage, the scandal – I know, I know.

But those sidewalks were packed, heaving, teeming with busy holiday shoppers. All pushing, shoving, weaving around one another in hopes of finishing their shopping before dark.

Being the brave fashion journalist (and, really, NYC tourist) I am, I planted myself right before those BG windows on 58th and snapped away. And you, my lucky readers, will benefit from my crazed actions. The windows were decorated with different holiday themes, like Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, etc., etc.


The first holiday I spotted was April Fool’s Day. In cheeky defiance of the monotonous ordinary, this particular window had been turned upside-down.

The frosty blue woman’s attitude is anything but, as she jovially engages a swinging monkey and loping elephant in a garden party. An Oscar de la Renta dress shimmering with snowflake-like embellishments reminds me of a Glinda-worthy garment.


The second holiday window I encountered was a witchily whimsical scene depicting a haunted mansion and nine-foot-tall model decked out in Naeem Khan. The Gothic-looking mansion is a replica of the Vanderbilt Mansion, which once stood on the plot Bergdorf Goodman now occupies.


Now my very favorite window display was so fantastic it absolutely deserves two pictures. Valentine’s Day, in the eyes of Bergdorf Goodman, is a delectable affair – filled to the brim with all a girl’s true necessities: cake, pink fur, a designer gown and some sparkle.

This charmingly coy, Giambattista Valli-clad woman, flirtatiously touches her heart. Smitten with a lover, on this most romantic of holidays? I can’t say for certain, though I suspect the cake.


The typically sunny (and in Florida, usually sweltering) Fourth of July is covered with ice, though a patriotically proud depiction of our country’s Independence Day nonetheless. The lady in Rodarte and the men in Thom Browne New York undoubtedly wait for the summer BBQ to begin.


And the last holiday to be captured by yours truly is Arbor Day! A day that many of us hold dear in our hearts, it was difficult to capture all of the splendor this particular window had to offer.

Dressed in Alexander McQueen Resort, our nature activist clutches a baby tree and invites all onlookers to grab a shovel and start planting!


My pictures are a little dark, I’m afraid, so feel free to check out Bergdorf Goodman’s site for their own images of the artful displays.



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