Coloring the rainy-day blues

I haven’t made it to the beach during my holiday vacation (which, coming from a native Floridian, is a downright tragedy) and with a rainy Thursday and seriously cold Friday, beach possibilities aren’t looking bright before my school-bound departure.

What is looking bright however, is my wardrobe, and it’s a conscious attempt to combat the dreary rainfall.


I wrapped myself up in my super soft Lilly Pulitzer cardigan and braved Thursday’s thunderstorm for a walk with my dachshund, Dude.

Not completely ready to give up the sun, I kept my sundress and sandals on. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but you can always carry the sunshine with you.


I just picked up this skinny navy Lilly P. belt at Gainesville’s Pink Narcissus, and it’s the perfect waist-cinching accessory for adding form to the oversize cardigan.

The gold pendant at the belt’s clasp adds a polished finish to the look, bringing out the gold in the cardigan’s buttons. A little metallic gleam was the perfect way to break up the gray day.


A bright red umbrella contrasted the blue of the sweater, while so alpicking up the red pattern in my dress.


For even more rainy day inspiration, check out last year’s take on combating the blues with color!



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