Warby Parker eyewear launches Palm Canyon Collection

If you consider yourself to be somewhat up-to-date as far as fashion goes, a lover of eyewear (be it optical lens or sunglass-centric) and you still haven’t heard of Warby Parker, then you seriously need to reassess the Warby Parker-less lens with which you view the world.


The online eyewear company launched in 2010 features vintage-inspired prescription frames with a modern aesthetic that are seriously fantastic. And the best part? For every pair of shades you purchase, Warby Parker gets another pair to someone in need. As of this past summer, half a million glasses have been distributed around the world.

So needless to say, I’m pretty excited to help announce the debut of Warby Parker’s new Palm Canyon Collection.


The limited edition line sees a revitalization of some of Warby Parker’s most popular frames, revamped this time around with one-of-a-kind patterns inspired by Color Field painters and midcentury minimalists.

Though I’m a huge fan of the optical frames, this gal’s rocking 20/20 vision, and thus will have to pacify myself with a pair of sunglasses. My favorite options? The Duckworth Sun Painted Desert Top and the Wheeler Sun Windswept Tortoise Top, in order below.


Each frame is one-of-a-kind, and getting these sweet patterns perfected for your visual enjoyment took over a year, Warby Parker says.


The frames can be found at Warby Parker’s site, stores and showrooms for $145 (including prescription lenses!).

On-point designs with a focus on helping people? That’s a trend that will never go out of style.


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