Motown Madness: Soulful Style-spiration

I think it all started with seeing “Motown: The Musical” over Christmas Break – you know, my new-found obsession with 1960s music. When that curtain rose and the Four Tops came sliding toward little ole me in row 3, I couldn’t help but stare back, starstruck, into the glamor of the 1960s.

Feeling this underlying heartbeat of today’s pop music, melodic in its rhythm, finally seeing it pumping live and in front of me, sent me on a tailspin through music history. The Temptations, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Tammi Terrell, The Supremes, The Jackson Five – I was in Harmony Heaven.

The Supremes

Jamming to The Supreme’s belting out “You Can’t Hurry Love,” melting to The Temptations’ “Get Ready” and reaching up for little Michael during “I’ll Be There” – I have to say I was a changed woman walking out of that Broadway theater.

The Supremes /

I was a woman teetering on the verge of seriously expanding her record collection, for one, but I was also mesmerized by the movement that was Motown, by the soul behind the music’s heartbeat. Unequivocally the voice of a generation, it was songs like “Dancing in the Street” and “Mercy, Mercy Me” that brought people together during the confusion that erupted during the same time.

The Temptations/

Can’t remember or not sure what I’m talking about? Take a gander below! Someone has already taken the liberty of selecting some pretty prime pieces from the Motown collection.

Once I got home and was gifted my dad’s “The Story of Motown” CD collection, I was sold. But my swan dive into beats of decades past didn’t stop at Motown.

I quickly inhaled the rockumentary selection Netflix had to offer, filling my cup to the brim with movies about the folk revival in Greenwich village around the same time (Hey Peter, Paul & Mary and Bob Dylan), even the stories of L.A.’s Sunset Strip that played out through the seventies and eighties.

Though you can surely expect a post about those musical styling’s sartorial influences, this one’s dedicated to Motown. So what looks am I rocking after swimming back up to the surface of these groovy tunes?


Definitely all about the eyes.

Diana Ross/ Tumblr

Anyone who sees me on a day-to-day basis can vouch for my affinity for the cat eye. Though Diana’s not actually wearing the wing tip directly above per se, she certainly isn’t being stingy about the mascara application. There’s something classic and polished about a well-executed cat eye, and from shift dresses to sweatshirts, it always tends to be my strongest accessory.


The next trend I picked up is the obvious saturation of one’s wardrobe. Though you don’t have to tell me twice to add a little color to a look, it’s the patterns and prints that bring this sixties fashion trend to life in the modern day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 1.58.35 AM

The obvious outfitter of today’s Supreme is Lilly Pulitzer, and the Delfina Maxi Dress shown here is from 2014’s Resort line.

And while we’re adding color, let’s sprinkle on some sparkle. Big statement earrings are quickly riding the wake of statement necklaces to the top of the trending charts, so what kind of statement are you making?

Cat-eye makeup, colorfully patterned clothes and statement-making earrings can be a refreshing alternative to the dismal weather (and the blah-tastic outfits it inspires!).


5 responses to “Motown Madness: Soulful Style-spiration

  1. I knew that much of the music of today takes its roots in the work of early Motown artists, but I never appreciated that their visual style had roots for some of the fashions we see today as well. Thanks for tying them together for us. Well done.

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