Manicure Monday: Candystriping

Nail art has absolutely become one of my top five hobbies. It’s certainly right up there with inhaling fashion magazines and accumulating my future wardrobe on Pinterest, although it definitely has more of a living-in-the-present appeal to it.

On this most wonderful of all days, Manicure Monday, I’ve devised a whole new canvas for you to create. And it’s pretty simple, too! Just five steps, and you’ll have some fabulous candy-striping tips, too!

Step 1.

Paint the town gray (twice). I know that seems dreary, but you’re just laying the foundation! In no time, colors will be flying right from your fingertips!

photo 1

Step 2.

Grab some pink nail polish, and drag its brush from the left side of the nail bed, right across to the middle of the nail tip. Do the same thing (but opposite!) on the right side of the nail bed.

You don’t need two coats, but repeat the strokes until the pink is smooth and flat, and you can no longer see the gray underneath.

photo 2

Step 3.

With a dark fuchsia (and a skinny brush!) trace over where the pink and gray meet, forming a triangle. Its fuchsia tip doesn’t need to reach the end of the nail.

And if you don’t have a skinny nail polish brush, try dipping a toothpick into the bottle. With a steady hand, this can work just as well as a brush!

photo 3

Step 4.

Grab another bright color (I chose neon yellow!), and draw diagonal lines that cut through the light pink’s center on either side of the fuchsia stripe.

These lines also don’t need to meet at the nail’s tip.

photo 4 copy

Step 5.

And finally, throw some glitter on there! I added a small metallic silver triangle inside the gray paint for some added definition.

photo 5

And voila! You’re finished. And those nails look fierce. All nail colors came from my Revlon Nail Art collection.


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