My Peter Pilotto Picks

After much fashion-fevered anticipation, the Peter Pilotto for Target collection hit bullseyed floors yesterday morning. And like many of my style-crazed peers waiting for the signal outside their respective Targets, I slid through those automated glass doors a few minutes after the 9 a.m. opening.

With breathless abandon, I tore through the multi-pattern racks for the pieces I’d been eying from the released lookbook. Namely, these items were the black and white skirt, the green floral print bikini top (and it doubles as a crop top? Yes, please!) and a pair of patterned shades.


As though a phantom shopper had traversed the aisles before me, inhaling all desirable items with any hope of fitting me, I was a little disappointed to learn that the green bikini top was already sold out in my size online, and the black and white skirt rocked by style icon Alexa Chung herself was also missing in my size.

Nevertheless, I snagged the shades I’d been swooning over! And I figured the longsleeved top that matched them was an obvious must-have for complete pattern perfectness.


I paired my new Target x Peter Pilotto top with a red suede skirt I picked up at Forever 21 ages ago. I found the throwback skirt style complimented the mod vibes the top and shades were throwing off, and who was I to challenge such a harmonious vibe?

The bag is a vintage Cole Haan, snagged from my own mother’s giveaway pile on one of my more fortunate trips home.


I’m so psyched to rock the sunglasses and top together. With a swipe of Sephora lipstick in “It Girl” red, the look was pretty complete!



And some obvious sass is always appreciated, especially when you need to be louder than the outfit. Hands up if you’re in a relationship with your (newly updated!) closet.


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