Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Darcy

Oh, February 14th again?

No, I’m kidding. This actually won’t be a post dedicated to “Singles Awareness Day,” or whatever our exclusive club is calling it these days. Although I’m tempted to make up some witty, sharp-ended comment about this day dedicated to “love,” I’ll just leave it to one of the greatest philosophic minds in human history: Plato (whose name you will see inscribed below on the wall of great teachers outside UF’s elementary education building).

And as Plato eloquently put it himself, “Love is a grave mental disease.”


But I think we are all perfectly willing to succumb to this love sickness, be it through a fictional character cough, cough, Mr. Darcy, or a far-off celebrity portraying your fave character on the weekly show you’re addicted to. Or you know, an actual person in your immediate circle. I mean… if that’s your thing or whatever.

I’m currently binge watching Rolling Stones biographies, for example, and I must say – Mick and I look good together, no?


All kidding aside, I think we all know the real relationship I’m pursuing right now is my wardrobe. And if Valentine’s Day is good for one thing, it certainly can be relied upon for a heavy dose of girly shades of fuchsia. And I’m on board for that anytime.


Proof? Check out my couldn’t-be-more-Valentine’s Day-esque Tildon heels. Can’t vouch for their extreme comfortableness, but I can certainly say they look fierce in a photo. And fashion isn’t really about practicality anyway, is it? That’s what Band-Aids are for!


I paired my Angie crop top and high-waist tribal print skirt with my turquoise necklace from Gainesville’s Pink Narcissus shop. Plenty of festive reds and pinks are only enhanced with pops of blue.


And the next gotta-have Valentine’s Day accessory? An armful of lovesick literature. Sure, I’ve got my Pride & Prejudice Kate Spade New York clutch to get things started, followed by my dear Mick and a couple of books that capture the stylish culture around us.

What, no actual romance novels? No, no. Because at this point in my life, true love is about falling head over heels for your passions. Seriously! What sets your soul on fire? Whether it’s dance or daily jogs, music festivals or a really fantastic bowl of mac ‘n cheese, I implore you on this Most Lovey-Dovey of days to get out there and find what you love.


As for me, it’s currently mid-century pop culture icons and volumes on the most fantastically fashion-forward things that I’m loving. And I think that’s pretty wonderful, indeed.


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