Nail It: Nail art study break in less than 5 steps!

Happy summer, everyone!

If you’re not on summer vacation (as in yet or as in that ship has sailed altogther), then I admit this greeting may be more an ushering in of sweaty brows, crowded tourist-ridden cities or worst of all, still-to-come exams.

But it’s still a harbinger of summer BBQs, tan lines and fantastic concerts, no matter what your age, so let’s get a hurray for that!

And let’s also have a respectful moment of silence for those still undergoing finals. In a showing of support, I’m posting my two best procrastination-station #nailart masterpieces, which I found to be very helpful (and do-able!) in my past weeks of studying.

The first is a fun and simple little number I created with the help of Chronicle Books Arm Candy tattoos.

photo 2The Steps:

1.) Using a light, neutral color, paint two coats of polish on your nails. (Easy enough, right?)
2.) Then, swipe two coats of a metallic paint across your nail tips (I opted for silver!). Instead of following the white curve of your nail’s end, start a little higher and create a V shape.
3.) For added definition, I used a skinny brush dipped in dark gray to separate the silver tips from the neutral base.
4.) And for the hand art, I just selected and applied different links of tattoos from the Chronicle Books Arm Candy roll. Sweet!

For a more tropical vibe, try out this cool color-blocking look.

Though I made an effort to make sure the colors looked semi-okay together, I think the most important part of this nail look is making sure you have dark and light shades of the same color on one nail (as in, a deep purple with a light lilac, instead of deep purple and baby pink).

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe Steps:

1.)Select your five color shades, and make sure you have both light and dark shades! Apply two coats of the lighter shade first, from the bottom to the top of the nail.
2.) In either a diagonal or a horizontal direction, sketch a line across the nail, and then fill in the color to the tip. (If opting for a horizontal shape, start just a smidge higher than the middle of the nail.) Done!


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