The Hit List: Fluorescent sunnies, matchy separates and platform kicks

I’m gonna call this one: The nineties are back.

Yeah, yeah– I know we’ve been wearing old Nirvana tanks, high-waisted mom jorts and Keds since 2011, but it seems like that selective drip of isolated trends (first the grunge bands and flannel, then the highwaters, etc.) has become a certified deluge of all things ’90s lately.

And I’d be straight-up trippin’ if I told you I wasn’t loving every second of it.

Okay but seriously, here are some items hailing from the ’90s that are finally making their own certified comeback. We already knew about jorts and Keds (here’s looking at you, T-Swift collection), but what are your thoughts on these items?


Matching separates are all the rage these days, especially for ragin’ (no, I did not seriously say that). As long as the top is cropped, you’re free to let your maxi skirt fly or your mini skirt hike, and anything in between is totally your call.

The look is definitely reminiscent of our flower-power, girl rocking decade, so obviously florals are a good look when searching out the perfect pattern. But polka dots, stripes, lace and plaids also work well here. Find some excellent matchy-matchy styles over at Nasty Gal.

P.S. – I hope you’re digging the ’90s glitter stickers I found on the interwebs.


These shades are spec-tacular! I’m all about throwing shade these days, as long as it arrives in the fantastic form of ’90s-inspired enviable eye-wear! If you opt for a funkier shape, try toning down the pattern/hue, and if you’re craving a classic shape, go crazy with color!

A funky frame is the easiest way to upgrade your summer look, and sunnies are definitely a #FestBest staple.


Nothing can get you down when you’ve got your hater blockers on. Set those shades to “stunning,” amirite?!


I’ve been envious of the platform kicks ever since the Spice Girls started taking over the world. Granted, they opted for more of a platform pleather boot, but the concept was there, and that’s what counts.

The Holy Grail of Sneakers

Before I knew it, all my first-grade friends were sashaying about the playground in their platform Skechers sneaks. Naturally, little ole me – forbidden from wearing platform shoes by my mother – assumed that telltale “S” emblazoning the shoes’ sides (the Skechers logo) was some sort of secret insignia for the Spice Girls’ inner circle. It wasn’t. But the dream of owning my very own platform shoes took root nonetheless.

And here I am, a whole decade (and a half?) later, nurturing a rediscovered love for the platform trend in the much less girly but equally satisfying black platform sandals and booties.


And where might you find these butt-kickin’ booties/sandals? I’ve located these styles at Nasty Gal, but you’re bound to find some rad options in any other shoe department you’re fond of, as this look is pretty much dancing off the shelves.

Are you jumping on the ’90s/early ’00s (okay I cheated a tad with the decade– you can too!) bandwagon, also, or are you watching this stylish spectacle from the sidewalk?


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