From Museum Mile to Mish Mash Sundae: Week Three in NYC

Hello again from the City that Never Sleeps! And now I finally know why –– because nobody has time to waste on snoozing when there’s museums to explore, sundaes to eat and shoes to buy.

That last part may be a plight for which I won’t garner much sympathy, but hey! It takes a lot of trial and error to find a pair of comfortable, well-made, good lookin’ shoes. Amirite, New Yorkers?

Kidding. But only about that last part. I’m not a New Yorker yet by any means, but I definitely understand the pantsuit-and-sneakers look I used to abhor. Like, “Can’t you just deal with your 15-minute walk to the subway in attractive, semi-uncomfy shoes?” I stand behind the sensible ones in sneakers now, with a very confident “No!!” answer to that question!

Although as we begin Week Three’s Recap, you can already see I don’t follow my new rule very well.


I met up with new friend Emilyn (seen above) (and roomie, Taylor, behind the camera!) at West Side’s Sugar and Plumm for some very southern chicken and waffles, and boy were they delish!

Sugar and Plumm also houses an extensive dessert menu comprised of fishbowls of ice cream and delectable crepes, as well as chocolates crafted into purses and stilettos. That’s my kind of candy shop.

I was rocking my brand spankin’ new crop top and skirt from H&M, paired with my neutral J. Crew wedges.

I’m pretty excited about the ensemble because I can tell you three weeks ago I probably would’ve walked right by the skirt on the rack. But something about the city streets buzzing and bursting at the seams with style made me want to try it out! I’m seriously loving it now.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

On Saturday, Taylor and I took a turn about Central Park and snapped pics like the shameless tourists we are (in the jogger’s lane and everything)! We marveled at the skyline and hundreds of city slickers sweating it out under the hot, hot sun.

I’m donning my black polka-dot maxi from H&M, trusty black cross body from Kate Spade New York and layered necklaces from J. Crew and one from Son of a Sailor. And check out that sneak peak of my birthday-present watch from Kate Spade New York!

People were not just jogging and cycling, but tanning, too! With nary a pool to dip oneself into when it gets hot. No tan is worth that sweaty subway ride home. Gross.


Taylor and I eventually made it over to the Met, where I dragged Taylor through the Ancient Egypt exhibit to check out the thousands-year old jewelry (surprisingly pretty on-trend with today’s minimalistic gold chokers and armbands) and tarnished mirrors. It seriously blows my mind to wonder who was gazing at their reflection in that very frame so many years ago!

And above you can see the welcoming banner for the new exhibit Charles James: Beyond Fashion. (And see: #MetSelfie below.) The exhibit displays some pretty luxurious gowns from the 1940s and 1950s and breaks down the near-flawless architectural design of the clothing’s construction, featuring notable quotables from the designer himself.


After the Met, Taylor and I headed over to meet some of her friends at the Museum of the City of New York, where they had an exhibit that studied the history of graffiti. Apparently, it was in the 1970s that the street art started to be seen as serious social creative commentary from America’s youth. Most importantly, they were about keeping it funky fresh.

That boombox-toting funkmaster’s not playin’ around. Take note. (Or take him home, he’s keeping it real at the gift shop.)


I concluded the weekend celebrating sister Carly’s 23rd birthday with her at the NY Historical Society and (surprise!) more Sugar and Plumm. This time I opted for the Mish Mash Sundae, which is chocolate ice cream with bits of chocolate, gummy bears, chocolate syrup and potato chips.

I’m wearing my Ray-Ban wayfarers, and a matching crop top and skirt from Angie at Nordstrom.

Good thing I’ve got those sensible shoes, because this girl is in need of a lot of walking!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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