Coney Island, T-Rexes and Gemstones: Just Another Week in NYC

This past week and a half has been another crazy one in the city, moving from the coast of Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island (see below!) to the tip of the T-Rex head at the Museum of Natural History.

With four weeks left to go, I’m working tirelessly to do and see as much as possible before packing it back up for the Sunshine State!
I’d been craving some sun and sand recently, so last weekend I hightailed it to Coney Island with a friend for an afternoon of beach-side bliss and amusement. After shoveling Nathan’s hot dogs down (no shame in our game – plus it was the nation’s first!), we scouted out the perfect spot for watching the waves. When it got a little toasty, we cooled down on the water rides, which were exhilarating, but also downright terrifying.

Still, the brightly painted decor and cheerful displays of cotton candy and frozen lemonade made this girl a happy camper! Getting beach time was so wonderful. After all, you can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl. (And no, that’s not a reference to my unwavering support of jorts, though that still rings, true, too.)

Then for the Fourth of July, fellow MC intern, Amy, and I had a fantastic time celebrating the Fourth of July in Brooklyn! I was decked out in my Floridian best (jorts reference), coupled with a bright red backless leo (both from American Apparel!). And those angels at my local shop threw in the red circle necklace, too.


Later that weekend it was off to the American Museum of Natural History, where sis Carly and I had a staring contest with this guy.


Then we checked out the museum’s collections of gemstones, which were brilliantly displayed in every color, shape and texture you could imagine!

Processed with VSCOcam

I’d like to point out that the Coachella look is apparently not all that new and groundbreaking as the past few years’ style blogs would have you believe. For your reference (here’s looking at you, Vanessa Hudgens!), physical proof of the dated oversize floral headband can be found in Floor 2 of the Ancient Peoples exhibit.

Processed with VSCOcam

Then just this past weekend, I took a dip into the Hudson (in a kayak!) with Kelly, at the suggestion of roomie Taylor. The view of the NYC skyline was incredible, and we had such a blast paddling around the water. And bonus: It was free! NYC is seriously the best in the summertime.



After kayaking, Kelly and I cut through Central Park and up to the Upper East Side for a tasty lunch! But what stroll down Madison Avenue would be complete without stopping in at Lilly Pulitzer? The Queen of Pattern and Floridian Royalty definitely looks great on NYC, I have to say.

This shot is of the delightful framed patterns hanging above the grand central staircase of the store.


Keep those suggestions coming in! I love hearing what everyone enjoys about their time in the Big Apple.


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