Labor Day Lovin’

Hey, you! Working hard or hardly working? To everyone hustlin’ and laboring away at that 9-to-5, this one goes out to you. Happy Labor Day – don’t say I never did anything for you.

So obviously I couldn’t let the day pass without a Labor Day-themed post. I wasn’t sure how to translate the national holiday of the working man into an outfit, so I just decided to werk it, man.

That joke was horrible. Let’s just keep going.


Lesleigh and I spent the day adventuring through campus, trying really, really hard to remember what seeing UF for the first time felt like. It’s crazy to think that – almost four years ago – we were nervously hopping from one major landmark to the next, wondering if we’d ever master our UF maps (from the back of a pack of overeager soon-to-be freshmen, no less).

Stranger than thinking that we doubted our superb navigational skills even for a second, it’s unbelievable to realize our chapter here is almost at a close.


We wandered past Sorority Row to the grounds around Norman, where we dipped in and out of stone archways and end-of-summer blooms.

Though neither of us ever had classes in the area, becoming well-versed with all corners of campus is pretty much a necessity for all graduating seniors. If only because you’ll be the only ones who’ve seen it all!


It was the brand new debut of my retro-inspired shades from Target. I’m like 99% sure I’ve got photos of my dad rocking these in the late ’80s. As Dr. Dre once wisely said, “I’m droppin’ flava, my behavior is hereditary. But my technique is very necessary.” So shout out to Dad for beating me to the trend by 20-something years.

My black and white gingham sundress from H&M is always my go-to when the temps sore above 90 (as they love to do in sunny, balmy Florida). On top, I added a black fringed suede vest I scooped up from a thift shop in SoHo this past summer.

The monogram necklace was a gift from the sister, and my bracelets are an assortment of Alex and Ani. Mixing silver and gold is a big “yes” for me, and you can see I did so wholeheartedly with this outfit.


This trusty KSNY has seen me through a slew of daytime adventures, evening soirees, and everything else you can think of. Kate never fails.

I’ll leave you with one last quick snap of adventuring as only true adventurers do it best – off the beaten track. You’ll notice the lack of a crosswalk, and to that I say, take the road less traveled by! Frost knew his stuff. Looking back as a seriously old senior, it really has made all the difference.



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