Ladylike Dressing Like a Pro

Lesleigh and I have had some fantastic adventures over the years. And by years, I mean the 1.5 years we’ve shared the pleasure of each other’s company.

From exploring cobblestone streets in Paris and pub crawling in London to defying gravity while dune buggying in the California desert, we’ve been lucky enough to make some memories that will surely be filed away under “The Formative Years.”

What, you don’t have a mental filing cabinet system, too?


Aside from being another fellow wanderluster, Lesleigh is one of the most genuinely kind and funny people I know. But I don’t feature people on here for being kind or funny (although, admittedly, it certainly helps your case).

Lesleigh’s got some fabulous style, and she errs on the side of “classically feminine,” which is obviously one of my favorite looks.

A few weeks ago we went for a refreshing froyo date, and she emerged decked out in florals. The rosy-hued sundress was a find Lesleigh picked up at Wonders of all Wonders store, Forever 21.


The intricate dress pattern calls for minimal accessorizing, which Lesleigh happily obliged.

A versatile silver and gold metallic watch paired well with a monogrammed oversize clutch from Artsy Abode, a boutique in Jacksonville. The classic bag is a serious closet staple for the self-confessed preps among us.

Our model-of-the-day pairs hers with plenty of other sundresses, or just dark jeans and any color blouse.


The secret to ladylike sophistication is keeping all complication at home. In other words, limiting yourself to a few key pieces (see: watch, clutch) keeps the refinery in full swing.

As Coco Chanel once famously decreed, “Simplicity is the key to all elegance.” And we’ve certainly got one very ladylike, froyo-loving, country-hopping, exceedingly elegant lady right here.



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