Sunshiney weekends pair well with sundresses

Style Tip of the Day: A breezy weekend drenched in sunshine is a fantastic accessory to pair with a brand-spankin’ new sundress.

What’s that? No new duds tickling your fancy at the moment, you say? No worries! I’ve got your next e-shopping destination on lock.

My super rad dress comes compliments of the wonderful folks at eShakti.


The online clothing site creates such a cool shopping experience, offering tons of on-point customizable dresses, skirts, jackets and blouses in a seriously awesome vintage-inspired style (that still manages to be ahead of the mainstream trends).


I had so much fun creating my personal version of the blue mesh bodice palm print dress! I picked out everything from my size and desired the hem length to neckline depth and even sleeve style. I’m sure the CFDA will be contacting me any moment now.

And the unexpected combo of classic black polka-dot lace with electric blue palm leaves was too cheeky to not throw a Timmy Woods purse into the mix.


If you look closely, you can see a palm tree shading some turquoise ocean waves in the camera lens. Beachy frame of mind, anyone? Say cheese!


The throwback threads just needed a little kick in their step. And that kick came courtesy of Coach! I snagged these beige-and-metallic beauties at a shop in Manhattan, just off Columbus Circle.

They were polished enough to turn heads at the fashion internship this summer, while delicately toeing the line of height. Heels comfortable enough for running through Manhattan gridlock are a sartorial staple for this gal!


To order your own custom-made eShakti dress, visit their site. And don’t forget to check them out on Pinterest and Facebook, too!



4 responses to “Sunshiney weekends pair well with sundresses

  1. Hi Elly-

    I LOVE your blog and staying updated on the latest fashion! Check out what MZ Wallace is doing … they appear to have featured a fellow fashionista and show her video clip within their email marketing. I think it should be YOU —


    Diana K. Geegan, CLHMS Keller Williams Luxury Homes International 727.424.7771

    “The greatest compliment you can give me is a referral to your family, friends & colleagues.”

    • Thanks so much for reading!! Just checked it out, and it looks great. I can always identify with a fellow Beatles lover. Can’t to be up there in January! 🙂

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