A Barrage of Boho

The current grunge mood started rolling slow and steady with combat boots, then picked up its tempo with a flood of oversize knitted sweaters, flannels and acid-wash jorts.

Once it got your fashionable feet tapping to the rhythm, it fantastically crescendoed in knee-torn black skinny jeans topped with beanies (and supermodel/beanie-beaut-in-residence Cara Delevigne on drums, naturally.)

But what’s next? Bohemian!

You heard me: I say trend-ified grunge will soon run its course. And by that, I mean it’ll run right off the mainstream highway it always did its best to avoid–– slinking comfortably back onto a less-traversed back-alley footpath. Most likely behind a dive bar.


Think about it. We’ve already seen ripples of the Hippie Happening pass through crowds over the past few years, in the form of daisy crowns, crochet tanks and color-tinted specs (think: fest best).

Within a few months, I think those ripples will crash into a shoreline of trendsetting fashionistas ready to lighten things up a bit.

So what do we have to look forward to, once boho-chic takes root?


For one, there’s definitely still room for that stylishly-dressed, free-thinking girl power spirit of grunge. A return to groovy paisleys and flower-power patterns will be warmly received, too. If you’re digging the vibe, start looking for pieces that will allow you to run, climb and play like the flower child you are.

Lesleigh’s trapeze-style dress from Nordstrom leaves plenty of room for tree climbing and–– between adventuring, obviously–– bench sitting (please reference above).


And while we’re going with the free-as-a-bird flower child look, a bit of dirt caked onto one’s footwear (Lesleigh opted for brown ankle boots from DSW) is always a nice touch.

The feminine dress gets a bite of tough girl with a faded green oversize army-style jacket.


Of course, I’m not advising anyone to throw out their ripped black skinnies and punny tees in lieu of muumuus and bell-bottoms anytime soon.

I’m just saying, make room in the closet.



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