When Winter Skips Your State: A Style How-To

While most people greet the first days of winter with an upturned collar and downtrodden expression, we’re still thinking of how to not sweat our faces off in Florida.


The constant face-off (pun intended) of a never-ending not-really-cool, but not-hot-enough-to-actually-do-summer-things temperature is a confusing time for everyone.

So naturally, working the calendar season into your wardrobe is an endeavor that requires disciplined skill and great creative insight, especially because we’re seldom blessed with those coveted cold fronts that–– true to form ––seem to give Florida the cold shoulder. Too cold for swimsuits, too hot for sweaters.

And yet, another temperature-befuddled day still garners an effortlessly perfect outfit from this girl.


Despite the climbing temps, Lesleigh managed to work boots into the mix. Her Nine West booties offer a touch of rough ‘n tumble to an otherwise girly BCBGeneration wintery blue slip dress.

Completely elegant and outrageously simple. When picking her pieces, Les said she opts for something that won’t blend right into the main vein of trending looks.

She’s looking at you, combat boots. Great for others, not for her, she said.


Twist a bracelet around your wrist and glide on some red lipstick, and you, too, can be weather-festive without melting into the sidewalk.


The takeaway? Sure, we, as Floridians, are limited when it comes to selecting winter weather gear for our temperate environment.

So pick a signature winter fave– be it a lightweight scarf, colorful tights, oversize cardigan or pair of boots, and then make it the highlight of your look.

Consider festive beauty choices, like a punchy holiday red on the lips, to push your outfit from blah to brilliant with relatively little effort. A fabulous cutout and flawless up-do doesn’t hurt, either.


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