4 Gifts Guaranteed* to Hit the Mark

*(If recipient is crazy enough to decline gifts, please forward to author of this post.)

As a twenty-something lady with a fiery appreciation for good-looking clothes, witty writing, soulful singers and bacon consumption, I consider myself an authority on All Things Awesome. Naturally, it goes to reason that I’m an excellent source for holiday gift ideas.

I’m totally unbiased, but these are some of the best holiday gifts I’ve ever seen compiled in one place. Some I already own, some I’ve admired from afar. If you’re reading this, dear Santa, you’ll note I’ve clarified the two. Let’s begin.



A. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. $9.08, Amazon.
B. Bossypants by Tina Fey. $9.52, Amazon.
C. Yes Please by Amy Poehler. $14.32, Amazon.
D. How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley. $11.43, Amazon.
E. I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley. $13.63, Amazon.

I read them all and proceeded to laugh so hard I cried, pausing long enough between elated sobs to read passages aloud to anyone in earshot. I’m not even going to apologize to my roommate because both of us know our lives are better from having lived the audio versions.

(It should be noted that when the ugly cry-laughing finally subsided, I was left with washboard abs. Okay not really, but I firmly believe my comedic timing improved.) Regardless, for a serious dose of girl power, buy them all for your favorite people.


A. Edie Parker clutches gold $895, gold stripe $1,196, jolly $1,495 #hashtag $1,495. B. Skinnydip London Vegan Leather Milk Carton Crossbody $48. C. Ashlyn Royal Flush Acryclic Clutch $396. D. From Saint Xavier Zane Clutch $85.

Sometimes you just want a little glitter at your fingertips. The shimmering Edie Parker clutches can be personalized with any word you want, from the choicest of French words to your name or initial. Customization through color and material can also be done on the brand’s website! It might be a pretty penny, but the heavy dose of pretty more than balances out the pennies.

Bags and clutches from the other designers can all be found at NastyGal, and each one is packed with enough personality to glide you through the rest of the holiday season and straight into the new year.


A. Reason Floral Print Pom Beanie $28. B. Reason Patch Ribbed Knit Beanie $29. C. Forever 21 Skater Beanie $2.80. D. Adidas Pom Logo Beanie $34.11. E. Vans Milford Beanie $37.90. F. Vans Seaward Bobble Beanie $24.64. G. ASOS Neon Bubble Beanie $11.37.

Beanies are still soaring high from their Cara Delevingne-induced explosion in popularity. No other head topper surpasses their balanced combination of simple and chic, though wide-brimmed hats are nipping at their heels. Still, beanies make an A+ stocking stuffer for cold heads seeking style (and warmth, but that’s secondary).


(Disclaimer: If you’re vegan or on a diet (this time of year, really?) just return to Numbers 1-3, rinse and repeat.)

A. Jane’s Tiny Things Bacon Egg and Cheese Midi Ring Set $35. B. Hartland Brooklyn Street Food Of New York Card $5.50. C. Pizza Made Me PJ Set $12.90. D. Adolescent Clothing Boyfriend T-Shirt With Pizza Never Lies Print $34.11. E. Please Donut Graphic Tee $14.90.

Eating junk food is one of my favorite things to do, to put it simply. The act is not as chic and refined as sampling salad, sure, but I haven’t seen any beanies, blouses or jewelry emblazoned with “Just the romaine and vinaigrette on the side, thanks.”

And why is that? Because junk food is delicious, and salad is boring. Fashion isn’t about playing it safe, either. That’s why junk food is entering into a beautiful friendship with street-chic fashion. Now I laugh in the face of fashion danger and my metabolism.


These gift ideas are sure to hit the mark, and if your friends/fam/S.O. don’t get you any, make sure to chastise them. (And then you should return to these sites for after-Christmas sales!)

2 responses to “4 Gifts Guaranteed* to Hit the Mark

  1. Loved your blog and I can’t wait to read the books you mentioned. Merry Christmas Elly to you and your family!

    Donna Seguin

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