Rock ‘n’ Roll in Suburbia

The holidays are great––I mean, Perry Como didn’t croon about the wonders of being home to experience them for nothing.

However, I have it on good authority that he wasn’t writing a fashion blog, so his elation at homemade pumpkin pie and friendly faces wasn’t tampered by the frustratingly low amount of street-style photo backgrounds.

The struggle was real. After all, I needed an engaging backdrop to complement the look of the week!


Falling back in with the family dynamic always brings out the rebel in me (circa 2007-11), which resulted this particular season in my delightful rock ‘n’ roll-appropriate ensemble. (Sure, the Heart concert tee is a show souvenir from the college years, but I couldn’t deny the bite that comes with the original “Barracuda” belters.)

Of course, a few things are different this time around.

For starters, I have ombréd hair. This is a new development, and it’s one that has become more vibrant since my initial expedition aboard the Ombré Odyssey.


I’ve also got one sweet record-shaped ‘Fancy Footwork Saxton’ bag from Kate Spade (unfortunately, all sold out!). The shiny patent leather outside and girly pink accent are enough to get anyone’s toes tapping across the dance floor, which is no problem at all, thanks to the cross-body design!

(I always take care to make sure my garments and their corresponding accessories are dance-proof.)


Though the casual-cool combo of denim and blazers is a ubiquitous go-to these days, I thought I’d shake up the H&M blazer with a pair of acid wash paneled jeans and heels to “adult” it up, if the stately blazer wasn’t driving the look home.

(The deconstructed blazer is also a good fit for most wardrobes when you want more than a cardigan, less than a suit. No better topper for tees and skinnies!)


I love the stacked heel and buckle accents on these H&M beauts, which I scored during my summer in NYC.

And check out the artful swing of this bag in action! It’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Or maybe that’s just the magic in the air this time of year. Either way, Perry definitely was onto something.



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