Empire State of Mind

If there’s one thing to take away from NYC winter wear, it’s that the hat game is seriously elevated. And in the case of this brand new pompom beanie owner, that case is a very literal one.

A handful of weeks pounding the pavement has made me a student of street style. I could spend hours logging the different heel heights and hemlines of subway commuters, or jotting down the number of oversize cocoon-like scarves I’ve seen tighten their hold over the five boroughs.


So naturally, I couldn’t cap my own hat collection at my single speckled Neff beanie. I decided to branch out, and in a moment of passionate appreciation and unbridled love for the city that took me under its sparkling, multistory wings, I opted for my own “New York City” beanie from American Apparel.

The colors are fantastic, and the pom pom is just an added bonus that sonorously declares “‘Ey, I’m walkin’ here” to the sea of harried passersby swarming around me.

And the patriotic color scheme absolutely commands attention, too, especially when topping an ensemble of black. Sure, the dark shade may be an expected go-to for New York dwellers in the dead of winter, but the trick is to shake off the predictability with plenty of textures.


Look closely! My LOFT faux leather dress nails a classic silhouette, but the faux leather trim on the shoulders coupled with a pair of playful pockets keeps it fresh.

To keep my arms cozy, I slid into my fuzzy oversize black H&M cardigan (see here for similar style) with a faux leather trim of its own.

And don’t let those colorfully stocking’d legs fool you! Definitely pulled on those dark gray tights over another pair of fleece-lined leggings. You could say this Floridian is becoming fast friends with the art of layering.


Aside from the beanie, the other star of this look is the boots by Steve Madden Girl. Black and shiny with a stacked heel and intense tread, they’re my updated version of the Chelsea boot.

I needed a shoe that could handle an icy sidewalk and slick office hall––and these practically threw themselves at me inside the Macy’s shoe salon. Or I threw myself at them. Either way, we’re very happy together.


Big shout-out to Emma C. for graciously lending me her photography skills for a fun afternoon stroll through Central Park!


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