There’s something in the air

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…love?

Whatever may be zooming around, there’s always something in the air on Valentine’s Day.

For me, it was the promise of a seriously awesome LF store sale, surreptitiously shared with me by the lovely Austen Tosone. We met at our Upper West Side subway stop, merrily wished each other the Leslie Knope-iest of Galentine’s Days and hopped down to SoHo.


We broke the cardinal rule of NYC sidewalk-ship, which is to under no circumstance ever block the walkways. But sometimes a white brick wall is just too good a backdrop to pass up!

I grabbed my NYC map Kate Spade New York tote, tucked a cream sweater into my pleated navy polka-dot skirt from Brooklyn Industries, going for a form-fitting ensemble––one that’s both parts comfy and chic.


The chic is a noble pursuit in and of itself, but when you’re constantly buttoning and un-buttoning (temperatures go from frostbite-inducing chills above ground to sweaty subway trains below in T-2 minutes!), it helps to strive for a layered look.

My deep purple Loft coat never fails to add a polished touch of prep to my outfit. Plus, its military-inspired buttons and collar make for a pretty great defense against dreary weather.


And pink tights on Valentine’s Day may soon become a tradition, as not many other days call for this particular shade of vibrancy.

Coupled with playful polka dots, the tights shamelessly endorse Galentine’s Day in the girliest fashion possible. But never one for upsetting the balance, you’ll note my Frye combat boots expertly edge everything up.


I scored a new leather-sleeved jacket at the sale and a leather pencil skirt, both of which should serve me well in the coming cold months.

As a Floridian, my challenge has been finding pieces that are both on-trend and warm. The struggle is so real, as most stores specialize in one category or the other.

Happy belated Galentine’s Day to you and yours. May whatever’s in the air lead you to whatever warms your heart. (If that’s a clothing sale, you know where to find me!)


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