Glory Days & The Art of Adventuring

You guys, listen up. Remember when John Cougar Mellencamp sang about how life just didn’t get better than growing up in the American Heartland, and Tom Petty made you think the teenage American girl was all that and a bag of chips (I mean, aside from the horse thing, she seemed like a real dream.)?

Well, I’m here to tell you they totally had it wrong. Life is so much better than Tastee Freezes, high school and being a lame boyfriend (what––was that not the deeper meaning behind “American Girl”?).

The glory days are after college, kids. So, choose your major wisely, or just get creative about following your passions.


For me, these first two months back in New York City have been a dream. Trying my hand at men’s styling and fashion has been absolutely incredible (ask me how to dress like Colin Farrell), and I’ve loved contributing articles on women’s fashion and beauty to Bustle and helping out at the Nieves Lavi showroom.

But the activity that tops my list of To-Dos in NYC is exploring. Sounds like a throwaway bullet point on a dating show (“I love long walks on the beach, hanging out with friends and going on an adventure!”) but it’s actually really a favorite of mine. Cross my heart.

These pics are from the past weekend exploring Greenwich Village with Emma, who also was the fabulous talent who donated her insanely amazing photog skills to the cause. (The noble cause of street style and exploring, that is.)


Done best on weekends with an open schedule and a spontaneous willingness to accept whatever the city presents you with, such as sporadic streams of melting snow from rooftops or optimistic trees that refuse to disrobe their Christmas lights––see last image as reference), you never know what you’re going to get.

On Saturday morning, Emma and I hightailed it to our favorite spot and meandered past bustling cafés and sleepy shops, sneaking snaps in front of well-dressed windows and shady street corners.


If you’re new to the art of adventuring, I suggest you dress in layers.

I opted for a breezy star-spangled dress from Zara, trusty leather jacket, BCBGeneration hooded down jacket, Son of a Sailor necklace and a couple pairs of tights. (Yes, you read ‘a couple’ correctly. This Floridian is still getting her winter legs, although it seems that spring is finally getting the upper hand in this perpetual spring-winter arm wrestling match.)

And my go-to shoe for “this temperature needs to make up its mind” weather is my Frye combat boot, naturally.


And can you please check out this awesome clutch? I bet you thought I tucked along some beautiful magazine for light reading, which, coincidentally I did do, but that’s not what you’re looking at here. This is a fantastic little Kate Spade New York clutch, gifted to me by my endlessly elegant mother. #ThanksMom



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