Best Weekend Overall

A few more weeks weaving in and out of Brooklyn and Manhattan has helped me place a few more memory gems in these overall pockets of mine — including the acquiring of such overalls. (Although that just took some sifting through overstuffed racks at a downtown H&M, so nothing to see there, folks. For these outfits credits, scroll to bottom!)

However, what is worth an extra minute of reexamination is one seriously spontaneous weekend in particular, which I enjoyed springing on those lucky souls around me, namely, a miss Emma C.

IMG_0037 copy

Last week I dragged her and our friend Kelly to a ‘90s dance party in Greenwich. After selecting our very best 90s-themed-but-also-modernly-trendy-because-we’re-not-sure-on-dress-code ensembles, we grabbed dinner and headed to Le Poisson Rouge.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Bodies in various stages of revelry packed the dark, vibrating several-story club from wall to wall, and strategically-placed TV screens scrolled through the very best music videos the ‘90s had to offer. I’m talking Hanson, Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, Fresh Prince and the always-on-point N’Sync, amongst other ‘90s legends.


The three of us formed a human chain — snaking past a labyrinth of drink lines and coat checks. The scene was dizzying, but my mission was to get to the front of the venue’s stage, where a cover band was set to serenade us with Blink-182’s “All the Small Things.”

IMG_0058 copy

After dodging spilled drinks and unrequited club love, we finally found ourselves swatting at balloons and serenading the frontmen and women smack-dab in front of the sea of attendants. We gleefully screamed our lungs out for a few hours, and when we finally had enough of the couple hundred attendees, we made our way upstairs and onto the city sidewalk outside.

With a few wee hours of Friday night left, there was one more place to go.

IMG_0066 copy

And that would be the freezing, uncomfortable sidewalk outside the NBC studios… to see if we could get stand-by tickets to watch George Ezra perform on SNL! (Spoiler Alert: We were FOUR people away and didn’t make it inside for show time.)

Still, we made fast friends with a couple from New Zealand and approached the Table of Friendship with breakfast croissants, good conversation and body warmth. It’s amazing the bond you form with strangers when it’s a matter of survival.

IMG_0039 copy

Shirt: American Apparel
Overalls: H&M
Boots: Frye
Hat: American Eagle Outfitters

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