Guess Who’s Turning 22 (It’s Me!)

And because I know you’ve already got your pen uncapped, calendar standing by ready to mark the date: It’s May 9! Jeez, quit harassing me about it already.

I’ll have reached the ripe old age of 22, practically an old maid. My general civility will depend entirely on my ability to tolerate ‘the youths,’ and I’ll finally succumb to my vices and throw in the towel.

Kidding. It’s a good year, from what I’ve heard, and I can finally belt out Swifty’s “22” with reckless abandon. After all, now I’ll really know which night’s the perfect night to dress up like hipsters, eat breakfast at midnight, and fall in love with strangers. (The answer is Every Night. Every Night is the perfect night for all those things.)

A few kindhearted souls have asked me what items in the world this particular 22-year-old would like, in order to ring in another year on this lovely planet. Short of starring in my own age-relevant Taylor Swift music video, I came up with a ‘hit list’ of must-haves I think all 22-year-olds should possess. (Me especially — Hint, hint.) And guess what? It comes down to the usual: A killer outfit, some sick shoes, and a good head on your shoulders.


I think it goes without saying that all 22-year-olds deserve to dress exactly like Taylor Swift in the below music video. If you’ve already been 22 for six or seven months, and you’re telling me you made it through your half-year without this outfit unscathed, I don’t even believe you. And also, what kind of life are you living, exactly?

But okay, okay — the outfit is a few years old. So, let’s update the shirt, along with a few other things.

A. “Tie Dye Faded Wool Hat.” ($50 at Zara.)
B. “I Like Clothes Tee.”
($15.90 at Forever 21.) This is a no-brainer for any 22-year-old style-obsessed gal about town. (Also, I would argue that most 22-year-olds actually have a lot going on at the moment — I know I do!)
C. “Topshop Moto Ripped Shorts.” ($58 at Nordstrom.)
D. “Champion Washed Beach Stripe.” ($50 at Keds.) These get double points for updating the 22 vid look, as they’re currently listed under “Taylor’s Picks” on the Keds site!
E. “Lolita Sunnies.” ($35 at Nylon Shop) Rhinestones, because le duh.


Every present, past and future 22-year-old needs some platform kicks. That is to say, we all do. And every generation has an age-relevant way to wear the look.

While my generation may fondly reminisce on the Spice Girls rocking elevator sneakers, our smart, sophisticated selves now know that an elevated slip-on can spice up your life, too.


A. “Steve Madden ‘Buhba’ Slip-On Sneaker.”
($80 at Nordstrom.)
B. “Vans Authentic Sneaker Metallic Pink.” ($45 at Nasty Gal.)
C. “Topshop Camden Flatform Lace-Up Shoes.” ($35 at Topshop.)
D. “Superga Pony Platform Sneaker.” ($170 at Nasty Gal.)


Last but not least, you’ll need some words of wisdom. I accumulated some from my own favorite 22-year-olds, who should know what they’re talking about. So take notes.




“Accept the fact that this is finally the birthday that everyone will forget about, and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised? That’s really what I did!”



“Be realistic about your relationship when you’re 22. You’re young and excited about love, so you want to put your S.O. before all else. But it’s just as easy to include your boyfriend in your friend group, study group, or Dunkin coffee runs just like you did before. It’s fun to have a new partner in crime, but you can’t forget about your other agents.




“Don’t listen to the Taylor Swift song before you’re actually 22. You’ll be singing it for the next month of your life.”




“Ha, well your hair gets thinner. But seriously, 22 means you’re finally a real woman! A.K.A. You’re no longer that clichéd 21-year-old when you use your ID.”




“Other than listening to T. Swift’s ’22’ as often and unapologetically as possible, I’d say 22 is exciting because it’s that transition between college and ‘real life,’ so it’s really a time that you can decide who you are and who you’re gonna be. Make that choice according to how you can better yourself.

And don’t let people belittle or look down on you or kill your youthful excitement. At 22 , you see the world with big wide eyes. Don’t let people make you feel small or that you don’t deserve everything you’ve dreamt of.

Also, eat whatever you want.”



Armed with one rad outfit, a few awesome shoes, and as much life advice as any 22-year-old can apply to her day-to-day decisions, I approach Saturday with a little skip in my step. But on that note, let’s just be real: Taylor Swift’s “22” is already stuck in my head.

Images: Tumblr (2)

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