Slicker-proof, Swift-approved style

I can confidently report that one month into year 22, I’m really living my best life now. In other words, I’m doing my darndest to live out T. Swift’s “22” lyrics each and every day. Although if we’re being completely honest here, my whole life is one big Swifty mash-up at this point—but who’s life isn’t?

(If you said, “Not mine!” just you get out of here.)

photo 1

But seriously. Check out this outfit. I was out the door and into the drizzly NYC SoHo neighborhood before I realized Aunt Becky herself totally stole my look. I mean, she wore it earlier the previous week, but I think it just shows how New York really picks its favorites, then proceeds to train/style/induct them into the Ultimate Girl Gang.

Or, it could have been a coincidence, too.


Either way, H&M overalls, a side-baring H&M crop top, and my mom’s ’90s tennis jacket-turned-rain slicker (holy athleisure trend!) created the perfect outfit for the fickle weather NYC’s been pawning off as “Summer” lately. Drizzly 50s melted into balmy 70s in just a few hours!

photo 5

The black rubber Steve Madden boots I picked up in January carried me down the slippery sidewalks, in and out of Jack’s Wife Freda for breakfast with Austen and on to & Other Stories.


A few purchases and many photos later, Austen headed to a nearby coffee shop, and I met up with Kelcee for some Grade-A Adventuring. And by Grade-A, I mean scheduling out three separate plans (from Bushwick Block Party to historic mansion touring to Bronx Zoo-ing), and then of course, not doing any of them.


Plenty of people stopped me to ask about my Bienvenidos Kate Spade New York bag, which always gets me in the mood to dance—even if it can’t fit anything except my lipstick and phone!

photo 3(3)

We wound up meandering through Central Park on the Upper East Side, and then found ourselves, curiously enough, at a little restaurant called The Writing Room.

As two University of Florida journalism grads, we couldn’t resist a temptation like that. Also, it was insanely hot at that point, and we were so hungry we could have eaten our hands. So, it could have just been the mesmerizing menu, which included (hold me back) a pulled chicken wrap topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and tomato buttermilk dressing.

It’s like Taylor Swift said, “Magic. Madness. Heaven. Sin. I can show you incredible things.” And by that, I can only assume the magic/incredible thing she was referring to was NYC’s unrivaled sandwich game.


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