Pie in the Sky July

(Disclaimer: No pies ahead. But you do get fashion and some real dry wit, which is way more satisfying.)

Been a hot second since the last post—I do that on purpose to build anticipation. Okay, just kidding. I’ve been diving headfirst into everything from freelance writing projects to memorizing NYC’s grid on weekend adventures. Turns out committing the Big Apple to memory, in addition to hand-picking your favorite haunts along the way, is quite the undertaking.

I took a whack at it anyway, and here’s what I resurfaced with.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Obviously, my biggest task of summer was making the ice cream trucks feel loved. This one was parked outside Tompkins Square Park, which turns out is the go-to spot for rousing up “fight the man” protests and benefit concerts. Ah, youth. But the leafy respite is a fantastic spot for people watching, and the shops around the park are packed with books, antiques, and oddball jewelry that you’ll buy on a whim and then never take off.

If ice cream isn’t your thing (who are you?), skip over to Paint Box.



I popped into the storied nail salon with Marjorie for an IZZE launch party, and I left with digits dipped in chrome. Nailed it!

A quick visit from Lisa saw us hopping ‘cross hoods in search of a day’s worth of adventures. We landed on a magic shop, off all places, that looked like Halloween’s year-round hangout.


I’m talking detached limbs, glow-in-the-dark coffins, and some of the most life-like samurai swords this side of SoHo. Check out this serious hat game!

And what’s a month-long summary of one’s NYC adventures without one basic brunch shot. Seriously. I had a cab driver ask me the other week, “What’s the deal with you New Yorkers and brunch?”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

And after I got over the giddy excitement of a stranger assuming I’m an NYC native, I calmly replied, “Well, mostly it comes down to the merry mixing of two meals where bacon is the common denominator, sir,” or something food-related.

Finally, let’s just take a look at that ear-to-ear grin below. And then check over the right shoulder for Gilly. I spent one euphoric afternoon at the Saturday Night Live Exhibition, where they break down what’s happening every night at the show, complete with reconstructed sets from your fave SNL episodes, costumes, and video reels explaining how the generation-defining skits came into being.


Two thumbs way, way up. Go see it. Or don’t, it’s your life. But you’d be missing one on-point gift shop. Love you like XO, NYC.


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