So This is Fall: A Floridian Experiences Seasons


I’ve made it through the cold dead heart of winter, the cherry blossom blooming, heart a-fluttering week-and-a-half of spring (okay, it was longer than that, but felt really) brief, and the melty hot why-do-they-not-have-AC-here months of summer. Finally it’s fall, and a strong case could already be made for it being the best season yet.

As with most things I love, the reason revolves mainly around clothing – like the fact that I can wear this awesome Topshop overalls dress without bursting into flames. I was really excited to find it haphazardly draped over a random rack this week in the bustling SoHo staple, obviously a gift from the British fashion gods above. (They must have seen my obsessive Insta-stalking of Alexa Chung during Fashion Month.)


Austen and I decided to spend my first day off in a few weeks at The Whitney. Contemporary art with a side of cobblestone streetstyle pics and some ‘sploring around Meatpacking: The perfect Sunday.

Especially when you have this insanely cool holographic clutch from J. Crew to reflect the golden afternoon rays! The bag was sent to me as a thank-you from the brand for featuring J. Crew’s wide-leg jean in this recent Bustle style piece for short ladies.

My favorite shoe of the past few months has been these trusty Jeffrey Campbell lace-up sandals because of their ability to expertly toe the line (pun intended) between heels and walking shoes. Yeah, I won’t be climbing mountains in them anytime soon, but I can wear them for an entire day of subway stairwells and uneven pavements, so I feel like that’s a pretty big deal.


Overall, one of the most fantastic Sundays I’ve had in a long while, and I’m seriously excited for the fall weather to kick things up a notch (temperature levels excluded).


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