I’m Still Not Over You: Bidding Adieu to Summer Style


I’m falling as hard for fall as the next cider-sippin’ city-bound lady is (clothes lovers live to layer, that’s just a fact). But I recently came across this scattering of gems from a summer shoot in Boston with Lesleigh that got me feeling some type of way for the warmest season’s recent departure. But Goodbye to all that.


Sundresses, bare legs, and Docs: Sounds like a promising opener to the next summer ballad, yeah? Don’t get me wrong, fall has already delivered us some great musical dishes, like Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video and another anthem from Adele that makes us want to weep into our Pumpkin Spice Lattes all day long. (Blissfully out of touch? I’ve included the songstress’s latest below, for your melancholy listening pleasure.)

But there’s just something about that summer heat that pushes you out of the city and into your next adventure—be that a day trip to the nearest coastline or straight into the heartbeat of another city.


So it’s time to replace summer’s heat wave with a crisp chill, swap the sunhats for beanies, and trade the baked beachside for golden sidewalks strewn with autumnal leaves bleeding with color. Pretty sure Docs are still #1 in my closet selects for the colder seasons (thank goodness I won’t have to leave those behind!).

I haven’t got the butt-kicking black ones that Les is rocking here (mine are more of a pink floral vibe), but you get the gist. Girlbosses around the world—from Massachusetts to New York—love their Dr. Martens.


For now, I’m busying myself with organizing my list of NYC Must-Dos for fall. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. And if you can’t think of anything, then feel free to join me in peer pressuring Lesleigh to get herself to the Big Apple, stat! New York is so nice this time of year.

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