Go Where You Want to Go


I’ve been listening to copious amounts of The Mamas and the Papas (even sneaking them into fashion articles—when appropriate), which has been an excellent way to feed my bohemian mood as of late.

One of the best parts of living in New York is whether you choose to haunt the same locals over and over again or dip in and out of neighborhoods as quickly as it takes to catch the train, you never return to the same place twice.

And so naturally, that makes in an excellent place for exploring.

IMG_0881 copy

So when Lesleigh popped over from Boston the other weekend, we were chasing pavements faster than Adele’s “Hello” growing Grammy vote count.

From the golden streets of Greenwich Village strewn with fall’s last leafy breath to the grubby sidewalks of East Village, I did my darndest to get Lesleigh in front of as many outfit-coordinating walls as possible. (Not really, the one below was just a lovely happy coincidence).


I’ve got this behind-the-times newfound appreciation for succulents and brightly colored mini plants. They’re adorable, and they’ve got the most will to live I’ve ever seen. (Most plants give up on me, I think).

We found this fantastic plant shop in East Village. Lesleigh was a real sport, as it was the second (possibly third?) one I had dragged her to in a single day. But just look at them!




In Greenwich, we wandered down, down, down the twisting roads until we reached the water. In my almost-one-whole year since living in New York, I hadn’t ventured down here yet!

There, we took in the skyline, as well as a man who was recording himself lip syncing to Beyoncé and a meditating Russell Brand doppelgänger.

IMG_0897IMG_0889 copy

Back in East Village, we couldn’t resist stopping into a corner creperie for some quick snacks and a few glasses of sangria—you’ll of course remember our friendship first took root across the pond in Paris during Study Abroad—so the creperie was a natural selection on our part.



And the best news is that for all we saw and shopped and experienced, there’s still (of course) so much more to be done by these two wanderlusting travelers.

Les will be back in the Big Apple this upcoming weekend for New Years, where we will continue to painstakingly ‘gram and blog every inch of our adventuring.


I’m not one for making New Years Resolutions like exercising more or changing my diet (sorry, Shake Shack on the reg is here to stay). However, I do like adopting mottos that make me feel good about life in general, and then sticking to their way of thinking as long as possible. Starting now:

“You gotta go where you wanna go; do what you wanna do with whoever you want to do it with.”


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